Where I’m Going

So, you’ve read where I’ve been. I’m dealing with some serious health stuff here. While weight loss is one goal, it’s not my primary focus. Dealing with my diabetes diagnosis is the biggest thing weighing on me (see what I did there?). Therefore, cutting carbs is absolutely necessary, and weight loss is a fantastic byproduct.


I started this journey weighing in at 292 pounds. As of Friday I’m down to 270.5 pounds. For those of us who don’t math good, that’s a loss of 21.5 pounds in about 2 months. Not bad, right? But I’m not stopping there. A friend challenged me to get down to 250 pounds by Thanksgiving. Challenge accepted. Thanksgiving is just under 6 weeks away, which means I need to lose an average of just under 3.5 pounds per week. That’s intense.

Here’s my motivation. Remember that whole diabetes thing? Well, I contacted my diabetes educator/nurse to let her know about the weight loss and my lower carb intake. I have experienced quite a few blood glucose “lows” lately (those seriously suck), and I was getting a bit concerned I was taking too much insulin, not to mention the fact I’m only eating 2 meals per day. She consulted my endocrinologist, and they decided to lower my insulin dose. A lot. 2 weeks ago I was taking a total of 185 units each day, split into 3 separate doses. As of Thursday I’m taking 100 units of insulin split into 2 separate doses. That’s a 46% decrease.

Hell. Yes.

I was pretty skeptical of the whole IF thing. But, I really can’t argue with the results I’m getting. IF has allowed me to feel more satisfied on fewer meals and calories, and the type of calories I’m consuming – protein and fat instead of carbs – is directly affecting my body’s ability to process the carbs I am eating.

My ultimate goal, determined together with my doctor, is 200 pounds. That’s a total loss of 92 pounds, and 70.5 pounds away from where I’m at today. That seems insurmountable. But, then again, the idea of dropping 20 pounds in 2 months seemed ridiculous, too.

So why not go for it? Do I get hungry? Yup, especially in the morning. Am I drinking a lot more coffee to make me feel a bit more satisfied in the morning? Yup, but coffee actually feels like a wonderful treat now, in addition to the necessary vehicle of morning caffeine.

That’s where I’m at. It’s not easy. It’s forcing me to develop self control and discipline in an area of my life were, honestly, I thought it impossible. Here we go.


6 thoughts on “Where I’m Going

  1. Clayton,
    It is a hard journey, and sometimes only those with weight problems can truly understand. Jon had a health fright as well–his heart was failing because of his weight and water retention. It was a massive change in lifestyle–for him, no sodium and a cut in carbs and exercise. He lost the weight and feels so much better. You can and will do it!! I am so proud of you!


  2. Awesome Clayton – you can do this! And remember from one perfectionist to another – progress not perfection! One foot in front of the other – and give yourself grace and self-love every day! Breathe in and breathe out – you got this!


  3. My friend I am right there with you. I am just not as public. But it’s a struggle and decisions to make right Choices every minute. Proud of you ! You Got this !


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