Progress Report – 10/28/2016

Well, it was a crappy week. Like I mentioned in my last post, I had a binge episode on Tuesday evening, and I spent the last three days attempting to right the ship. I wasn’t very successful. I gained 1.1 pounds, bouncing back up to 270.7 pounds. But, considering the week I had, I’m not very concerned. It’s been an emotional, trying time for me. A Thursday evening session with my counselor brought some encouragement and affirmation to my soul, which will launch me into this week with a renewed focus.

Monday I start the LCHF plan in earnest. I’ve been weaning myself off carbs for the last month, and it’s high time I commit and begin reaping the benefits of ketosis.

For now, I’m recovering from a rough week with a weekend trip out to Denver to visit a couple of my best friends in the world. 80 degrees, sunshine, and a round of disc golf at the #5 course in the nation will do my soul well.


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