Progress Report – 11/4/2016

Monday brought the beginning of my true LCHF lifestyle. I had been weaning myself off carb-heavy foods for the month leading up to it, and I finally took the plunge. The scale congratulated me for my efforts this morning with a 4.4 pound loss! That brings my weight down to 266.3. I started this journey at 292, so this means I’ve officially lost over 25 pounds! I can’t tell you how great this feels. Wait… yes I can. This feels great!

I’m finding the LCHF lifestyle to be a bit of a transition. I was consuming 50-100g of carbs at every meal, but now I’m staying below 30g per day. That has brought about some intestinal… difficulties… But, 5 days in, things are starting to settle down. The one huge benefit I’ve seen is that I can actually tell the difference between a craving and true hunger. Last night around 9pm I thought to myself, “Man, I’m hungry.” Then I stopped and realized, nope, I feel full, and I really just want pizza. So, I popped a couple pepperonis and called it an evening.

This week was a bit light on the blog posts, but I’ll be ramping those up again next week. Stay tuned!


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