Why I used to suck at health stuffs

Goals. We all have them. In fact, the new year is just around the corner (cue the sad trombone), so goals are starting floating to the top of our collective mind.

I used to consider food a reward. Weird, right? Probably not, now that I think about it. Western society views food as the proper celebratory medium.

Birthday? Have some cheesecake!

Lose 20 pounds? Have a pizza! Yes, the whole thing; we’re celebrating!

One of the best celebration strategies I learned is to reward myself with non-food things. New clothes, a fun experience, tickets to a baseball game, etc. Here are the next two rewards I’ve set for myself:

  • Hit 250 pounds – Treat myself to a massage. And not a creepy-dude-with-a-chair-in-the-mall massage – a legit massage!
  • Hit 225 pounds – Finally get the tattoo I’ve been thinking about for years. The one I have is getting lonely. It’s time for another.

What rewards have you given yourself for living a healthy lifestyle? Have you bought yourself a new hat because you ran five times in a week? Perhaps you skipped the drive-through for a month, and now you have tickets to the next Wild game. What motivates you?


4 thoughts on “Why I used to suck at health stuffs

  1. Such a smart strategy, Clayton! I tend to give myself the gift of quality time when I’ve achieved a goal, especially since most of my goals have to do with “git’n ‘er done.” So finish a project=lunch with a friend, dinner with the fam, etc.


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