Food Holiday

Tomorrow those of us in the USA will join together with family and friends to celebrate something near and dear to all our hearts – food.

Sure, we may call it Thanksgiving, but let’s be honest here, we’re all excited about the mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and pumpkin pie. Notice something about all of those? They’re full of carbs!

In years past I’ve attempted to eliminate those items from my meal. Of course, they’re all sitting there at the table, and I end up eating them anyway. So, not only do I still have the carbs, but I get a nice, big helping of shame too!

Here’s the deal – Thanksgiving is a single day. Sure, green bean casserole (which must be at least 50% French’s fried onions) will drop me out of ketosis, and the pie a la mode won’t help the waist line. But this is a single day to gather with family. Enjoy yourself.

Now, when Thanksgiving is over, it’s over. Friday isn’t part of the Thanksgiving meal. That leftover pie goes home with someone else, and we’re back on the wagon come Friday morning. Go for a nice, long walk, (preferably without killing people in a mad rush to the discount TVs), and get yourself back into ketosis.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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