Welp, after a 6 week push and plenty of ups and downs, I dropped 15 pounds! I’m down to 256 as of Wednesday morning (Wednesdays are official weigh-in days for my dad and I). For once in my life I’m not just saying “After the holidays I’ll get down to business.” Nope, this time I’m going into the holidays with momentum!

Today I fly out to California to start my Christmas celebrations. The holidays – and vacations in general – are ripe with opportunity to use the classic “I’ll start tomorrow” excuse. Now, I’m not saying I’m not planning on a couple splurges over the course of my 8 days in California (Christmas Eve dinner with my mom, Christmas day, because, well, stockings, and Thursday celebrating with my dad). But, that doesn’t mean I need to snack 24/7, grab fast food on the way to events, or get into old soda-drinking habits.

So, here’s to a fantastic Christmas season! I’ll be back soon to start chatting 2018!